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ICTV December 2019 – Our Favourite Christmas Tips!

Hello, In this month’s Inner Circle TV episode, we decided to share our favourite Christmas tips with you all. Jess volunteered to let you all know what they are and Laura makes a guest appearance to tell you all her… Continue Reading →

EOT day! – the day we became employee owned!

As most of you know, Tim set The Helpful Book Company up over 14 years ago now – and as of the 1st November, he’s going to be stepping back from running the company. The company will change to being… Continue Reading →

ICTV – July 2019 Part 2 – Google translate

Hello, In this episode of ICTV, we’ll be telling you a bit about the Google Translate app and how it works on a computer/laptop and also how the app works on an Android or Apple device. 0.50s – Google translate… Continue Reading →

An update from Jess…

Hi everyone, Jess here, I realised the other day that I haven’t posted in the Journal section for a while. I’ve been quite busy doing a bit of editing on the Tablet’s Made Simple course (I hope those of you… Continue Reading →

Anti-virus & Anti-malware explained

Anti-virus explained First things first, I’ll start off with a few definitions that will help you understand anti-virus software: Malware – Short for malicious software.  Any type of software designed to cause damage, including spyware, viruses, ransomware, trojans and worms…. Continue Reading →

ICTV February 2019 – Introducing Mike and answering your questions

Hello, In this episode of ICTV, we introduce the newest member of our team, Mike. He’s just started this week and he agreed to feature in this months episode to help us out. We also answer some of the questions that… Continue Reading →

How To Use The Snipping Tool or “Snip & Sketch”

Updated: 27/03/2020 Applies to – anyone who uses a computer or laptop running Windows 7 or above Microsoft are in the process of replacing the old “Snipping Tool” on Windows 10 with a new app called “Snip & Sketch”.  You… Continue Reading →

ICTV December 2018 Episode – It’s Quiz Time!

Hello and welcome to the December Episode of Inner Circle TV. In this episode, we thought we’d end the year with a Christmas Quiz for a bit of fun.  Having problems playing it?  Watch it on YouTube here So… Continue Reading →

The Future of Smartphones

Applies to – anyone with a smartphone that might be looking to upgrade soon You might have noticed over the years, that smartphones have gotten bigger, fancier and generally smarter….. but where will manufacturers draw the line with how much “stuff”… Continue Reading →

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