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If you were on this website this morning you might have seen the “We are doing some website updates, please come back soon” message…
That’s because I was running an “Optimize” process on the database, basically, it takes all the data (comments, Clubroom questions, Journal Posts, etc…) and re-organizes it within the database to help the website load faster.
This is similar to running the defragmentation option in Windows. Defragmentation moves things around on your hard disk to move most used files closer together so that the device can get to them quicker. It’s especially important on a hard disk that spins (not a solid state one) so it can read the data all in one spin.

How often should I defrag…

Hot on the back of my popular post “How often should I restart…” here is my “How Often should I defrag a device” tips…

Technology Thing How often I defrag it Thoughts 
Windows 10, 8.1, 8 As long as auto defrag is on (it is on as default) then you should never need to defrag this
Update: this is actually called “Automatic Maintenance”
This happens in the background when you are not using your PC, so if you only turn it on for exactly the amount of time you use your PC then this might not be happening, but generally it happens without your knowledge.
Update from an Inner Circle member: This is called “Automatic Maintenance” and runs daily when your PC is not in use, it does thigs like “Security updating and scanning, Windows software updates, Disk Defragmentation, Disk Volume Error checking and System Diagnostics, among other things.” Thanks to Liz for the question on The Clubroom about this.
Windows 7 and below Monthly If you still have Windows Vista or XP then please don’t use them connected to the internet.
Android tablet/smartphone This happens automatically You need to leave it turned on (with the screen off is fine) while charging, some older versions of Android will only defrag overnight while charging (overnight is worked out from the time on the device and when you are most likely not to use it). Newer versions of Android will do this when it’s charging and it thinks you are less likely to use the device.
Apple iPad/Tablet This happens automatically? I think? Again, only while charging and not in use. So again leave it turned on (screen off is fine) while charging. It’s unclear if it does it overnight or not.

Do you have something else you defrag often? Let us know in the comments below

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Why Optimize (with a Z)? Well it’s as simple as the database program we use for the website was made by Americanz and they love replacing things with a Z,  I was going to add a track called “The Alphabet Shuffle” to our playlist… but then I thought something by Alphabeat might be better, then I decided it probably wasn’t. So I have added both! Check them out here…

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